A Brand New Day Event

collaboration with Wink

Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | the Netherlands

A Brand New Day represents spirits companies in the Netherlands, like Jack Daniels, Aperol, Campari, Courvoisier and many more. In 2015 they threw a big party, in order to thank the companies they represent. This is where wild and wonderful Wink came in with guns blazin'. Wink was responsible for the whole event which consisted, among others, of an amazing party as the grand finale of the night.


Together with the creative direction of Wink's Firestarter! Henry Peemen we created a bar to remember.


Regarding the back-bar, it was decided that each of the thirty-five different bottles were going to be highlighted using thirty-five vertical elements. The different spirits were categorized into families and were given a distinct colour, providing thus with a vivid composition of colourful columns. At the top, each bottle's outline was laser cut and combined with internal lights, so as to create this impressive outcome. A bit lower, the brand logos were painted by hand using stencil technique. The lowest part of the poles was meant for the bottles of the spirits placed upside down on non-drip bottle holders and were available to be used by the bartenders.

The front-bar was originally composed of different pianola's, but later on a fresher, more modern look was applied using panels which host big decorative speakers.

Last but not least, the chandeliers are made of a metal frame and diverse bottles. The bottles were painted on the inside on each spirit's original colour.


Wink's Hand of God Mathias Servatius managed skilfully to built the bar exactly just how it was designed and deliver an exemplary outcome.


The party was a complete success, a night to remember, and the bar as the main element of the night, was a true eye-catching attraction.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014