Refreshing Retouch

of a small shop in the centre of Thessaloniki

Aristotelous Square | Thessaloniki | Greece

What can architects do in times of recession? When budgets are the minimal and the space given must be exploited at the maximum for a small shop to make a difference?


This is a small family business, a shop in the very centre of Thessaloniki. It sells coffee, tea, traditional- seasonal home made goods and dried nuts of every kind. The, already high, rent of the shop alongside with the recession keep the budget as minimal as possible.


There was an attempt to organize the products inside the shop, in 3 sectors, given the lack of extra space. The coffee- tea corner, the dried nuts sector and the seasonal home made goods sector. The last, and most profitable one, is set near the window. Dried nuts are set at a linear axis at the left of the shop. The whole perspective axis of the shop leads the consumer straight to the coffee- tea sector, in the deeper end of the shop.


In accordance with the very traditional nature of the products, the interior design follows simplicity and tries to be perceived as an old traditional Greek coffee- selling shop, as once, shops of this kind, thrived in the centre of this city, but of somewhat modern aesthetics.


These renderings are the necessary tool, wherewith the architect and the owner could classify the products and exploit at the maximum any available space.


The neon sign of the shop was redesigned wooden, yet with modern lines.


This is, thus, an example of a minimal, though refreshing, retouch of a small shop trying to make a difference during difficult financial times.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014