All-Around Creativity (all-around: Having many uses or abilities; versatile)


Even though I studied and excelled in architecture, I have always been an enthusiastic generalist. I felt like keeping my career international, multidisciplinary, broadly creative and not overly focused on a specific creative field.


I have, thus, built a professional experience not only in different countries and fields, but also through various positions. On the other hand, I have always remained greatly dedicated towards the satisfaction and appreciation of the client and the experience of the end user.


I love helping young professionals to communicate their unique position in the market through great design. I find being a part of bigger teams in order to carry out bigger projects, extremely motivating. I enjoy myself very much while working on different scales; contemplating on a plan drawing or designing a bar spoon. And I am satisfied only when I see realized projects being inhabited or used by happy and satisfied clients, professionals and people in general.


Regardless of project size, scale, stage or subject, my love for what I do is driving my passion to see great ideas flourish and beautiful projects come to life.


My tool for achieving that is the priceless combination of different creative fields, a rich professional experience, an outstanding relationship with other fellow creatives and a friendly, sincere and collaborating approach towards the client.


This is a list of what I can be helpful with.


Advice and contribution regarding any project that requires creativity and a creative mindset.


Large and small scale projects. Sketches. Design. Construction detailing. Contribution at any design phase.


House interiors. Retail. Hospitality. Construction detailing.


Hospitality design. Mobile bar- equipment design. P.O.S. material. Packaging.


Corporate identity. Logos. Posters. Brochures. Business cards.

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