Agricultural Warehouse Building

opposite the castle of medieval Karytaina

Karytaina | Arkadia | Greece

Nikos Kazantzakis once said that Karytaina is the Toledo of Greece.

It is a medieval town with an iconic castle built in a scenic landscape on the slope of a mountain. It is thus very difficult not to be overwhelmed by the scenery. Hence the past decade, Karytaina shows a remarkable rise in tourism, with hotels popping up and seeing its tourist potential grow day by day.


The owner wants to establish an agrotouristic facility on a site that is located opposite the town of Karytaina, providing an astounding view to both the castle and the town. The facility will be mainly focused on workshops regarding traditional agricultural activities, such as wine and olive oil production. Before the facility opens its doors to customers though, the land of the site needs to be cultivated first, in order to be eligible for a proper tourist licence. Furthermore, there is a pre-existing structure on the site. This structure, or more accurately its ruins, is an old lamb barn.


Due to the remarkable outline of the pre-existing stone structure and it being a charming time machine, a rather easy decision was made to preserve its original shape and build on it, as an attempt to blow life back to it. The building will be used as a warehouse for agricultural material, as a storage place for two water tanks and as a shed for tractors and various agricultural machines. Once the land is back on track, the facility will be enriched with bungalows and other structures in order to accommodate a big number of tourists.


Concepts that influenced the design were of course the numerous stonework buildings in the area, including the local churches, monasteries and bridges, the local vernacular architecture and of course the castle of Karytaina. The stone masonry will be held together with the use of naked reinforced concrete. The existing trees of the site are going to be relocated as shown on the drawings and renderings.


designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014