Apartment Building

a design for four families

Tripoli | Arkadia | Greece

The apartment block consists of the pilotis, three stories (with a possible fourth floor addition) and the terrace. The first floor is divided into two apartments. The second and third floors are designed as two separate apartments on each floor. The project also includes an addition of a fourth floor, which will have direct access to the terrace. Since the building belongs to one big family that consists of a mother, her three sons and their families, the common terrace was designed to be a lively place for all the family to enjoy.


Due to a tight budget, during phase 2 of the project, the owners decided that the building has to be smaller and it is also planned to be built in phases. The first two floors are to be built from the start and the following floors are to be added later, when needed. The following renderings and drawings show the building as a whole.


The materials used are the most common materials found in Greece, such as reinforced concrete, bricks, plaster (white or coloured), aluminium and glass.


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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014