Barsupport Projects

examples of how promotional projects can bear the seal of elegant design

the Netherlands

Barsupport is the leading company in the field of beverage catering in the Netherlands. Barsupport is not only the first Dutch company to provide high quality catering services, but also a company with a unique eye for detail perfection and elegance in design.


The professional approach of Barsupport is a holistic one. In accordance with the elegant services it provides, it is also responsible for the promotional furniture of the companies it represents and moreover for the furniture's design, which is always aligned with the represented company's design guidelines. And this is the point, where it must be clarified, that elegance in design comes as a natural outcome, through this holistic approach towards its supplied services and professional mentality.


Designing for a hospitality company is always interesting, regarding the variety of projects. During the years at Barsupport, there was, among others, an endless research for efficiency of the furniture, that gave form to a variety of bar types and their working stations.


Projects were carried out, such as small table bars for house parties and multi- use bars and stations, used as ice cream or coffee stations. The design that started, as always, with lines and sketches, ended at cutting drawings of extreme precision for laser cutters and lightweight constructions, using wood and metal.


The purpose of those studies, that often got realized and worked on by bartenders, was a desired overall efficiency regarding the ergonomics, the weight, the construction cost, the maintenance and transportation costs and last but not least and continuous search for a better and more elegant aesthetic expression, always serving any given company’s design principles.


All of the projects were carried out with the collaboration of the Barsupport co- owner and creative director Ian Bartos.

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