Extension & Addition

Thessaloniki | Greece

The owners of the house wanted the first floor to be extended on an existing terrace. The new space created is designed to accommodate the- new first floor- living room, a personal office space and a mini-bar, all of which will enjoy the better view provided from this floor.


The original structure was consists of reinforced concrete. The structural engineer suggested, that the new structure has to be made of steel, a light-weight structure, on top of the old concrete one. Thus, in accordance with the owner, it was decided that the metal beams and columns could also be aesthetically used as key elements of the interior design.


This metal construction was designed down to the last detail. Due to the use of a number of custom made metal parts and especially parts of the roof, detailed, coherent and precise construction detail drawings were made, in order to prevent any errors and keep the project within budget.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014