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Greek Summer Houses is a property rental hub based in Greece. They commissioned the design of their corporate identity, business cards and their website.


The main influences were the Greek flag, which also resembles the view of the sea during summer from a window and of course the trademark elements of Greece; the ultimate Greek sun, the sea and the sky. The colours of the Greek landscape are none other than light blue of the sky, deep blue of the sea and a bright warm orange- yellow sun. The overall aesthetics of the design were simple and to the point, using a 2d collage feeling.


The original concept included different designs for the business cards of the company's different employees. A small boat that floats amid the waves, a church like the ones that can be found on most Greek islands and a white house on a small rock of an island. At the end, the church was decided to be the only element.


The website coding was carried out by Christina Tsiori.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014