A Quintessentially Co-Personal Testimony

answering the call for co-writing

Amsterdam | the Netherlands


Dear me!…


I have been freelancing on my own for far too long. I have been working like a monk, almost religiously, facing my own inner design demons, often fumbling the divine Idea. Can’t really complain.


But do you know what?


Ever since I remember my young developing self, I perceived collaboration to be a truly liberating experience. It has always provided me with a feeling of belonging, a sense of fulfilment and completion, I seemed to have been craving for.


Retrospectively, it seems that my professional collaborations were always an outcome- or were indeed an integral part- of my human relationships with the people, who I collaborated with. I was never a player. Quite the opposite, I was a keeper. I always sought the comfort of long co-working, co-existing relationships. And relationships and collaborations have their up’s and down’s, their peaceful and fulfilling moments, but also their stormy and confrontational ones.


One needs to be quite experienced, in order to fully grasp the meaning and importance of both the high’s and the low’s, the calm and the stormy. For they are both equally extremely useful and meaningful in one’s own personal and professional development and social well being.

Maybe I was lucky enough to have worked with people I love dearly and still respect for who they are and what they have achieved in time. Maybe, say maybe, I have always been a strategic, yet undoubtedly spontaneous, player that chose his alliances very carefully. Truth be told, the people I co-worked and co-existed with, made me the person I am.


Creativity and inspiration is the quintessence of collaboration.


Cherish every single moment of it!

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