the New Martini Back Bar

Rotterdam | the Netherlands

A new promotional Martini back bar was commissioned, which was to be designed in 50's style. After the presentation of various patterns that follow that particular style, the simplest was chosen to be realized. The chosen black colour would allow the user to focus primarily on the floating Martini sign.


Just like every piece of Barsupport’s furniture, besides the aesthetic part of the design, it should be highly mobile and easily assembled. As soon as the design was chosen, the construction design process commenced. Every single detail of the back bar was designed to the millimetre.


The back bar base consists of two pieces, which are stored in separate flight cases, ready to be transported. The fragile Martini sign also consists of two pieces that are stored in the inside of the back bars, protected by polystyrene foam.


Overall, it is an easy to assemble and use piece of promotional furniture, which is described as a true eye- catcher.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014