We Love Homemade

Rotterdam | the Netherlands

The “We Love Homemade” products are a great new concept from Barsupport. It's aim is to support bars and bartenders regarding the drinks’ consistency and balance. It can be applied or used everywhere; at festivals, bars and even house parties.


The stickers of the new “We Love Homemade” Cocktail Juice and Cocktails bottles were designed using the “We Love Homemade” colour palette. Pale warm colours in different distinguishable unique combinations used to easily help bartenders with their task.


The A4 stickers of the "3lt jar-all-in-a-box" concept use the colours of the labels of the three cocktails they contain; blue for vodka, grey for the gin and light green for the rum.


The “We Love Homemade” Cocktail Juice, Cocktails and Cool Ice come in different designed packaging.


Last but not least, an easily transportable bar unit was designed in order to be used at festivals throughout the Netherlands. It is highly versatile. It can be used as a stand- alone unit, but it can also easily adapt to various bar configurations.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014