Ziggo Dome Projects

Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam | the Netherlands

the Bacardi Bar

Bacardi commissioned the construction of a bar in a specific place at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. The location within the Ziggo Dome was a rather difficult one. At the back side of the bar to be, were the rolling stairs and furthermore, near the bar was located a service/ emergency elevator.


The design process started with the design of a rather big bar with a big multimedia screen and metal trusts creating a big frame. During the second phase of the design, the bar became significantly smaller in size and more humble in it’s appearance, due to a smaller actual budget. The third and final phase of the design was the one to be realized at the end, with it's distinctive 45 degree angles.


The black colour is once more predominant with lines of red lighting. Instead of the black metal frame suggested in the design, the front walls of the bar were constructed as a plain black surface. The black Bacardi column was created to define well the bar's space and the space below the staircase was transformed into the back bar.


The bar station configuration for two bartenders, being extremely ergonomic, is designed to the detail and has all the necessary spaces and conveniences to support even the most demanding cocktail bar.


The finish touch and the realisation of the project was done in collaboration with Do it Fluid.


the Martini Bar

Together with the Bacardi bar at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, a new mobile Martini bar station was commissioned, in order to to serve Martini Royal mainly to the VIP guests. The new bar station is highly mobile and it's design takes into account all the functional dimensions, in order to be able to move all around the Ziggo Dome and be deployed wherever needed.


The station consists of a top- loader freezer unit, One 1/1GN ice bucket with a gap and space underneath for the trash and enough storage space for the necessary big wine glasses.


the Eristoff Bar

The third and last commissioned bar station at Ziggo Dome is the Eristoff bar. The design started as a mobile bar, but later it became a semi- mobile bar station with a detachable wolf- brand background.


The bar consists of two stations and two back bar pieces with lighting. The wolf- brand detachable background made of a metal frame and a canvas picture of the wolf with back lighting.


This project is unfortunately not realized due to budget reasons.

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designed by Christos Efthymoudis All-Around Creativity 2014