A Brand New Day Event Bar

A Brand New Day represents numerous spirits’ companies in the Netherlands, such as Jack Daniels, Aperol, Campari, Courvoisier and many more. In 2015 they threw a big party, in order to thank the companies they represent.

Client: A Brand New Day
Services: hospitality – pop-up – spatial branding – experiential design
collaboration with: WINK
location: Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | the Netherlands
credits: wink
photography credits: wink

the project

Regarding the back-bar, it was decided that each of the thirty-five different bottles were going to be highlighted using equal vertical elements. The different spirits were categorized into families and were given a distinct color, providing thus with a vivid composition of colorful columns. At the top, each bottle’s outline was laser-cut and enhanced with internal lights. A bit lower, the brand logo’s were painted by hand using stencil technique. The lowest part of the poles was meant for the bottles of the spirits placed upside down on non-drip bottle holders and were available to be used by the bartenders.
The front-bar was originally composed of different pianola’s, but later on a fresher, more modern look was applied using panels which host big decorative speakers.
Last but not least, the chandeliers are made of a metal frame and diverse bottles. The bottles were painted on the inside on each spirit’s original color.

work description

3D design. 2D design. Construction & detailing drawings. Presentation material preparation.


3d impressions