New Fork Canteen

New Fork is claiming to have the best sandwich in town. While that can a be a subject of personal preference, what is sure is that New Fork’s fresh new identity–curated by Contaínr Affaìrs–had to be prevalent throughout this project.

Client: New Fork
Services: F&B retail – interior design – spatial branding
collaboration with: Contaínr Affaìrs
location: Utrecht Medical University | the Netherlands
credits: Contaínr Affaìrs

the project

This project–located inside the Utrecht MC–is one of a series of New Fork canteens located mainly in Rotterdam.
Its new identity, curated with the spatial factor also in mind, gave space and possibilities for all sorts of spatial applications. It being colors, materials, textures, shapes & forms.
Besides the design though, the absolute stars of the project were the products and the overall customer ultimate sandwichmaking experience.

work description

3D design & renders. 2D design. Presentation material preparation.

3d impressions

final renders

concept renders