Bombay Sapphire Branded Bar front view 3d render

Bombay Sapphire Branded Bar

When it comes to contemporary beverage indulgences, G&T’s are a true must in the menus of every hospitality establishment. Hence Ziggo Dome’s commission for a new G&T bar, sponsored by Bombay Sapphire.

Client: Ziggo Dome
Services: hospitality – interior design – spatial branding
collaboration with: BARSUPPORT
location: Ziggo Dome | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

the project

The challenge here was the spatial implementation of Bombay Sapphire’s newly introduced identity. Its new brand guide provided with plenty theoretical examples, which hadn’t been introduced at the time.
Bombay’s new well thought out identity is the very heart of this bar design. The new hexagonal grid form, the various kinds of blue and the new pay-off “Stir Creativity” play a significant role in creating a spatial and truly experiential branded bar.
Due to Bombay’s previously unimplemented design principles, Ziggo Dome’s own guidelines and a very tight budget, the design had to be revised and approved every step of the way.
The above, resulted in an authentic spatial expression of Bombay’s core values instilled into a highly functional eye-catcher of a bar.

work description

Preliminary & definitive design.
3D design. 2D design. Construction & detailing drawings. Presentation material preparation.

3d impressions

final renders

SketchUp export

renders of a previous phase

2d drawings