Springbay – Bartender Batched Drinks

Did somebody say... Cocktails?

Client: Barsupport
Services: hospitality – art-direction – experiential design – branding – graphic design
collaboration with: BARSUPPORT
graphic design credits: Sander Pappot – Zender
graphic design credits: Christiaan Dros – Chaos Art
photography credits: Ian Bartos
photography credits: Gino van Meenen

the project

Having established a profound professional relationship with Barsupport over the years, I was entrusted with curating and safe-guarding their new products’ identity, online & offline look & feel, together with developing various branded experientials and hospitality concepts.

work description

Curation & art-direction of the brand’s look & feel, tone of voice and all logo’s, graphics, illustrations, packaging designed by external graphic designers & illustrators.
Curation of a concise brand manual.
Design of–digital & printed–complimentary pay-offs, bottle labels, straws, bags, coasters, posters, menus and website assets.
3D and 2D design of various branded experientials, numerous (branded) bar-stations and craft-tap fish-eyes.
Curation & development, 2D & 3D design of new on-brand hospitality & P.O.S. concepts. (B2B & B2C)

the brand

the brand guide

the products

branded applications

the Table-Top Bar

the Springbay craft-tap fish-eyes

project photography

look 'n' feel