Front view 3d render of the Licor 43 bespoke trolley

Licor 43 Bespoke Branded Elements

Concept for five bespoke branded elements; a serving trolley, a seat module, a bench table, a jigger and a serving tray.

Client: Licor 43
Services: hospitality – experiential design
collaboration with: Do it Fluid
credits: Do it Fluid

the elements

the trolley

The main idea behind the trolley was the moving top, which, by being placed to the front or the rear, could make the preparation and the serving of a Licor 43 drink easier, quicker and more impressive. On the trolley there is enough space for two GN1/1 buckets, which would host bottles of Licor 43 and various mixers, a fruit bowl, space for the bar-tools and of course ice. On the top lies a cutting board for the preparation of the drinks and a bespoke bar- mat for the drinks themselves. Additionally, there are two seamless storage spaces, on the front and the rear side. The materials are matte black paint and golden details, according to the brand’s guidelines. All in all, it is a geometric, neat design with fine details, that acts as a background, which promotes the bottle and the drinks in the best way possible.

the seating modules

The seats needed to be modular and easily re-arrangeable and transportable, in order to fit in any given space. They were also designed to create small hubs, which would facilitate socialising. The design is geometric and neat and highlights the brand values and character.

the bench table

The bench table can be used both as a high table and as a bench. In the very centre of the bench table and on a golden perforated metal sheet lies a revolving brand logo.

the jigger

The golden jigger would hang from a modified pour spout on the top of the bottle. It is a jigger of 1,5oz in the form of an elegant deep spoon, following the spirit’s history as a medicine through the centuries. Extreme care was given to the details of the welding of its different metal parts.

the serving tray

Last but not least, the serving tray is designed to facilitate ergonomically the making and serving of Mini 43 shots. It hosts a bottle cooler, spaces for shots glasses, spaces for 2 cream bottles and a small bar-top.