Douwe Egberts SME Modular Stand Concept

A setup made out of mobile modular elements, which can adapt to and be adjusted according to any given expo space and layout.

Client: Douwe Egberts
Services: expo stand design – pop-up – experiential design
collaboration with: Wink
location: Expos in The Netherlands
credits: Wink

the project

The modules can be branded and decorated accordingly. They can also have their height adjusted from 2,50 metres to 3,00 metres, just by adding a modular element. This way more branding or decoration can be added, acting as an absolute eye-catcher.
The complete toolkit consists of the three modular elements, the DE coffee corner element, storytelling on wall illustrations, trash bin iPad poles, high table with barstools, a branded sandwich sign, wooded modular floor parts and a room divider hosting a hanging lamp.

work description

3D design. 2D design. Presentation material preparation.

impressions & drawings

3d impressions

2d drawings