DIAGEO table-side service cart concepts

This is the concept of two iconic and experiential table-side service carts requested by DIAGEO, in order to enhance the experiential side of its products promotion within the various Wynn Resorts' establishments.

Client: Rockstar
Services: hospitality – experiential design
collaboration with: Rockstar
location: Wynn Resorts | Las Vegas | Nevada | U.S.A.

the Bulleit Bourbon cart

For this wonderful project we took the time to think about the values that this concept consists of. Luxury, modernity, heritage, craft, simplicity, efficiency and modularity. Forged through hospitality’s best practices, we have created an efficient and modular table-side service. It is the perfect medium that highlights the brand’s true hero –the bottle– becomes the protagonist of the surrounding environment and acts as the podium of delivering a crafted, wonderful and memorable brand experience.

Inspired by the 1950’s American modern heritage with its elegant geometry, proven modularity and unsurpassed functionality. Bringing back the times when a cocktail was a whole experience and honoring the new American cocktail craft movement, which has brought a never-ending lust for taste back to life.

moods & impressions

the Don Julio 1942 cart

Rich brown tints. Iconic bottle design. Smooth elegant curves combined with straight lines. Its taste represents the craft behind it, enclosed in an elegant receptacle. The chosen style almost imposed by the aforementioned values, is the arty & crafty Art Deco at the beginning of the 20th century. Elegance, curves and straight lines coming together through means of fine detailing.

The trolley has to be simple yet luxurious; it has to have a distinct and bold character, yet it has to be the podium of the bottle and let it shine. It has to talk subtly to the customer. It is the medium between the brand and the customer. The design keeps evident its modern and contemporary marks, though with a twist of the elegance of the years that this tequila was born. On one hand, it has to provide the bartender with an easily optimisable workspace, while on the other hand it has to be an all-around indoor and outdoor jewel of a trolley.

moods & impressions